My name is Letícia (Lé-chee-sia), I am a mother of two beautiful kids, Oliver & Olívia - They give me strength to be everything I want to be and purpose so I am determined to show them all that life has to offer through my determination, interests, nature and of course, love.  

I come from a family of very creative parents, my mother is a stylist and my father is a chef - they are both entrepreneurs and that has always inspired me. My love for photography has always been here. I was immersed in the modelling industry for over 10 years until I realised that I preferred being on the other side of the camera, capturing smiles and unique moments.

What inspires me is being able to tell stories through my photography, showing others what I see and hear. I believe in simple photography, respecting the individuality of each person and the spontaneity of the moment. I also believe that reliving memories through photos can be so powerful. 

My whole purpose is not only to deliver a beautiful photo but also being able to capture the emotions of the most important moment of the families lives.